California legislators have returned to session following the Summer recess and one issue still under consideration is iPoker regulation.

But with less than three weeks left before the legislative session ends for the year time is running out to legalize online poker in 2015.

While some believe a miracle can still happen others believe there's too much left to do and that other matters are more pressing than California online poker sites.

Sources Agree that Odds Are Long that iPoker Passes

Online Poker Report recently spoke with several government officials regarding the chances of online poker regulation in 2015. The consensus from those officials is that odds are long that a bill will pass.

According to Assembly GO Committee chief consultant Eric Johnson, “Until the gavel goes down on the last night of session … anything’s possible. Obviously it’s a short window. There’s three weeks left."

“But to accomplish in three weeks what’s taken 7½ years to get to this point is going to be a Herculean task."

An anonymous source that OPR called a "high-ranking legislative" source also spoke about chances for a bill passing and he stated simply that the state has issues that are more pressing.

According to the source, “I don’t see any momentum. There’s no agreement among tribes. There’s no groundswell of support from the people that are out there, playing. There is nobody banging on the door to the state Legislature saying, ‘We want you to regulate online poker.’"

“We’ve got water issues. We’ve got fires burning throughout California. This doesn’t register as being critical on the governor’s agenda.”

Other Issues Could Crop Up Even if Primary Issues Are Resolved

It's well known that PokerStars and the inclusion of the horse racing industry are the primary points of contention between stakeholders regarding online poker legislation.

However, as one anonymous source pointed out to OPR, those may not be the only issues that could hold up regulation.

According to the source there are other issues that aren't even being discussed. He stated, "There are regulatory issues, licensing affiliate issues. If horse racing gets a revenue stream in lieu of licensing there are non-gaming tribes that may also want a revenue stream.

“These are all things that need to get worked out. I just don’t see it getting done.”

The deadline for committees to report bills to the floor is August 28. Bills must be approved by both the House and Senate by September 11 for them to move forward to the governor's office by the end of this legislative session.

With so many potential unresolved issue still facing lawmakers and stakeholders, it appears it's time to concede that 2016 will become the next "year that California legalizes online poker."