Five-Card Draw is a game that allows for numerous opportunities to bluff if you are observant and have the courage to run them.

Let’s take a look at some situations where bluffing may prove profitable. Many of these spots will occur after the draw.

Remember that if you are in position against your opponents, you will have the best chance for your bluffs to work.

  1. Bluffing When Everyone Draws Three

When your opponent or opponents draw three cards, it is a pretty safe bet that they are all holding some type of pair.

If they check to you after the draw, odds are they still have just a pair. This is a good spot to try to steal the pot with a bluff, even if you don’t have a pair or if you have a weaker pair.

Make sure to bet big enough to force them out of the pot. Betting small may entice someone with a pair of aces or kings to make the call.

Also, if you notice that a player has a tendency to call a bet with just aces or kings, this bluff may not work as well.

2. Bluffing When an Opponent Draws One or Two

When an opponent draws one card against you, you have to decide whether they are on a draw or whether they have two pair.

Chances are that this will be made simple for you based on pre-draw betting. However, someone with two small pair may limp in.

If someone draws one and checks to you, put out a bet to see where you are at. If you are raised, then they either had two pair to start with or they hit their draw.

When your opponent draws two and they didn’t raise pre-draw, then your opponent is either holding a pair and high kick like an ace, or they drawing two cards to a straight or flush.

If they check to you, you can assume in most cases that they missed and you need to bet out in this spot.

3. Bluffing When an Opponent Draws Four or Five

When someone is drawing four or five cards, you would be served well to bet into them when they check. They had nothing to start with and in a large percentage of cases still have nothing.

If you bet out and get raised, give it up unless you have a hand because they got super lucky against you.

4. Don't Bluff a Pat Hand

This is simple. When you are facing a pat hand, you won’t be bluffing against them.

First, chances are they won’t check to you. If they do, then check behind.  Unless you catch a monster on the draw, it would be stupid to give away your money.

Yes, this tips sounds a bit silly to point out, but some players will try and “outplay” a pat hand.

Remember that bluffing is strongly dependent on position. While it is true that you can bluff in any position, you are putting yourself at risk when players catch against you.

Keep the above bluffing tips in mind and you should see your bluffs work more often in Five-Card Draw.