Over the last few years, 2-7 Lowball and NL 2-7 Draw have become staples of mixed games.

Online poker is largely to thank for their rise in popularity and it is important that you have a solid strategy when playing both games

Today we will cover some basic tips that will help you improve your results in Triple Draw 2-7 and in NL Single Draw.

Stick With 2 Cards or Fewer in Triple Draw

When playing Triple Draw 2-7 your best starting hands are those where you only have to draw two cards maximum to make a hand.

Of these hands, you want starters with a high card or eight. Any three- or four-card seven or eight is playable and you will want to raise with four-card starters.

Bluff More Often in Position in NL Against Those Drawing Two or More

Since players only get a single draw in NL 2-7, you will have plenty of opportunities to bluff. The most obvious spot is when your opponent is drawing two or more cards to make their hand.

When this happens they will almost always check to you unless you get silly and draw two as well.

This is almost always a spot where you want to bet, almost regardless of what you draw. More often than not they are going to fold.

Play More Nines and Tens in NL

When playing NL, a made nine or ten can be a very strong hand. If your opponent draws two and throws out a bet, consider calling a reasonable bet with a made nine or 10.

If they check, bet in order to attempt to take down the pot.

Don't Slow Play Your Made Hands Above a Seven in Triple Draw

A common mistake made by some beginning lowball players is that they try and slow play a made hand when they should be betting it.

The cat will be out of the bag during the next draw when you stand pat. Also, you just gave them a chance to either outdraw you or pick up a strong drawing hand.

If you make a hand of eight or above, start betting immediately. When you have a seven, you can maybe take a round off to see if they improve enough to pay you off.

However, when you aren't holding the near nuts, go ahead and bet your hand. Better to take a small pot now than to let them catch up and suck out multiple bets from you.

Consider Breaking Made Kings or Queens on Final Draw in Triple Draw

This last tip is for when you start with a made hand higher than ten and try to push players out unsuccessfully.

Chances are that by the last draw, the player is either drawing to or already has a hand better than your King, Queen or Jack-high.

It is time to consider breaking that hand in order to make a better hand to take the pot.

There are exceptions to this rule. For example, if someone is drawing two throughout, keep your made hand. However, if your player drew one, one and was first to act and stays pat, you might want to break your hand.

The above tips will help you take down more pots playing either Triple Draw or NL 2-7 Lowball and keep you slightly ahead of other beginners at the table.