Donald Trump has been elected the 45th President of the United States. To listen to Mike Matusow talk, this means that online poker will be legal in the United States -and California - within a year.

If Mikey believes that, then he's gone back on drugs. Anyone with the belief that a Trump presidency will mean the restoration of iPoker in the U.S. is seriously fooling themselves.

In fact, if anything his election may be an avenue to eventually banning online gambling nationwide.

Sheldon Adelson is a Major Contributor

At the end of October, Fox News reported that billionaire Sheldon Adelson had committed $25 million towards a Super PAC aimed at defeating Hillary Clinton. This made him a major contributor in the final days leading to the eventual upset victory for Donald Trump.

Anyone that has been following iPoker politics in recent years knows all about the assault from Sheldon Adelson against online gambling. And to think that he won't continue his assault now that Trump has been elected President is misguided.

The question now remains what method that Adelson will use to try and get iGaming banned. Will he try yet again with a new form of RAWA and see whether a Republican controlled Congress can push the measure through.

One can certainly believe that if such a measure were to reach the desk of President Trump in the next four years, he will sign the measure and effectively end the U.S. iGaming industry.

Also, what options would Trump have in terms of an Executive Order? President Obama has come under criticism during his terms in office for what has been viewed as improper use of said orders.

Could President Trump sign such a measure prohibiting the further expansion of iGaming in the United States? Is there another angle that he could attack that would act as an effective ban much in the same way that the UIGEA has since 2006?

Trump could also decide to sign orders with the purpose of prosecuting and driving out the remaining U.S. facing unregulated sites. This wouldn't necessarily have a negative impact on regulatory efforts but it would cause a major uproar among U.S. iPoker players.

Expect a Strong Push from Adelson in 2017

Now that Adelson has the next President on the hook for at least $25 million, one can assume that he will begin throwing his political weight around sooner rather than later.

As such, expect a renewed push from Adelson sometime in 2017. It may just be in the form of a new version of RAWA but don't be surprised to hear of meetings between Adelson and members of President Trump's cabinet.

Also, don't be surprised to see the Trump Administration start to go after unregulated sites in the United States. The next few years may be tumultuous for the U.S. iGaming industry and perhaps fatal.